Thursday, January 08, 2009


okay, so yesterday, i got dragged to the mother house [by sma] by my mom because she's in the st. raymond/st. leo choir, and they had to sing at the memorial for mrs. tregre [rip]. well, it was a sad day; didn't realize it would have an affect on me the way it did. needless to say, i enjoooooyed it. not the memorial, but the repast. i had fun, and it doesn't take much for that to happen. but, being around my sma fam, the sisters of the holy family, and my st. raymond/st. leo fam, it brought me back. it made me miss those good ole sma days. sma = st. mary's academy, for those of you who didn't know.

anywhoo, my purpose of posting this is to show you the CUTEST nuns ever! and they're twins! now, idk their names, but they've been in the nun game forever! you can tell. ever since i was at st. mary's, they've been around. omgggg, they are so adorable tho! and they are always together, side by side.

looka! ['xscuse the blurryness...i was trying to be discrete]

they are always side by side.

okay, so that's not her twin, it's sr. alicia. hey! i was trying to NOT look like a stalker.

ma'ams got their food and hit it! they even have matching walkers! how cute is that!! i ♥ them.