Tuesday, May 19, 2009

heaven & hell.

sidenote: okay, first off, i HATE how small this pic just had to be...try not to go blind.

moving along...

heaven & hell
feat. jackall & hyde, dj digital, force feed radio, atone pain tribe
the metropolitan | may 30 | 10p

i hear about this party every single year and have YET to go! im SO there next saturday.

here's how themetropolitannightclub.com explains the party:

Welcome to the palace of Angels and Demons! Once a year planets align and Purgatory opens its gates to let two worlds go to war; angels with wings adorned in white, blue, and gold battle the horned and tailed guardians of the underworld! The fair, heavenly-bodied warriors of good writhe and grind against the red, leather-like skin of the evil army. Angels and demons, good and evil, life and death all collide on the battle ground between HEAVEN & HELL.

We call Angels, Demons, Cherubs, Gargoyles, Saints, and Sinners alike to descend upon our hedonistic playground! Mix, mingle, and make merry in HEAVEN with the angelic sounds of the FORCE FEED RADIO symphony. Let their mixes of sound and light fill your eyes, ears, and souls with rapture. If you are daring enough in your quest to venture into Purgatory be careful not to taint your pure soul past the point of no return. As you near the gates of HELL gaze upon the ATONE PAIN TRIBE, the guardians eternally damned to welcome banished souls. JACKAL & HYDE and DJ DIGITAL will corrupt the underworld from the altar of His Darkness!