Thursday, June 25, 2009

stamped: michael jackson dies

michael jackson dead at 50 after suffering a heart attack. rest in peace, king.

omg, i dont even know where to start off. this is a man that ive known of since i could understand what music was. this is unreal, cant be true. michael?? like, EV-ER-Y-ONE knows michael! no matter how old you are, you know an MJ song. i remember sitting in front of the tv, crying because i wanted to marry this man; getting mad and plotting on iman's death because she kissed MY boo in his "remember the time" video. omg, and dont talk about "black or white," "you are not alone," and "will you be there..." pssh! i loved him. i cant take much more of this. yeah, we know that death is to come, but when it happens this way, like blind sights you? how can you react? first my g-ma, then ed, then farrah [THIS MORNING!!], and now michael. this is the end as we know it. the world is NOT understanding what's going on right now. there are hundreds of people outside of UCLA medical center and his home as im typing. his funeral? pssh. the crowd is going to be as big as obama's inauguration -- real talk.

everyone is affected. love and live life, guys. tomorrow is NOT promised. beefing is not worth it. give a hug.

my prayers go out to his family, friends and fans.