Saturday, July 18, 2009

MISCHIEVE In The Garden Of Agave.

Omg, first off I LOVE "List Only" parties. And this one was THE best party EVER -- well, so far!!

The event took place at The Mardi Gras World East Bank in the Grand Oaks Mansion room. EVERYTHING was free: admission, drinks, hors d'ourves, etc. It was totally different from the "exclusive" parties that same people throw. This is my type of hype!

There were 3 bars, including the "mixologist bar," that featured bartenders from the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. They are known for being the best mixers around the world. They were competing against each other while mixing martinis and mojitos. SO cool! Annnnnnnd, there were girls IN the bar!! Like, in it! You'll see...

There was also a room with a photo booth, chalkboard for you to write on, a bartender making shots, and a naughty school teacher. Actually, I dont know what she was, but she had a paddle that made me nervous. The boys got a little crazy in'll see. =] Oh! And there were gogo dancers, people carrying snakes around, and a bomb performance by The Free Agents.

Seriously if you missed this party, you missed a GREAT time!! I love my friends and had THE best time ever with them! Can't wait to do it again.

DISCLAIMER: I had to show you a lot of bar pics just so you can see how AMAZING it was!

Peep the fun: