Monday, September 14, 2009

The Spill: 1st Fridays: Class Act

In the beginning of September, held its monthly 1st Fridays at the House of Blues. The event featured performances by Detroit, Caren Green, Magnolia Shorty and national recording artist, Monica. Also, it featured the farewell fashion show of Carlton "Mr. Couture" Morton.

Models in Traffic Boutique:

The Spill: 1st Fridays is not my cup of tea. No disrespect to the creators, but it's a mess. I can share this opinion only because I know what the event was intended to be. Young Professionals. Classy. Um, thats not what I walked into. Of course, people are probably thinking, "You're just saying that because you dont work there anymore," or "It couldnt have been that bad if it was your job." Thats exactly what it was -- a job, or so it was suppose to be. But lets not go there.

Now, Im not going in on NOB nor FF, but somethings gotta shake before a good idea is taken [too late ?] Yeah, at the end of the day, it's about a dollar, but dont eff over your rep while making those dollars.

But hey, who am I to judge, I let you do it:

Magnolia Shorty

And this is what she had the girls doing

WARNING: This video contains explicit language