Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Mixtape | Dee-1 - I Hope They Hear Me!

Check out Rapper Dee-1's new mixtape iHopeTheyHearMe. If you copped Dee's debut album David & Goliath then you can only imagine what this is going to sound like. And the best part about this mixtape, it's FREE. So, scroll down, download it, pass it on and enjoy!

But first, check out the Press Release:

On April 21, 2010, New Orleans hip-hop artist Dee-1 will release his latest musical effort in the form of a mixtape entitled, “I Hope They Hear Me!”. Fans can download the new mixtape from this Wednesday, and Dee-1 is encouraging his fans to bootleg and burn copies in order to “share the wealth” with unfamiliar audiences. When it comes to a wealth of music, Dee-1 is living large. After the rave reviews and undeniable response to his debut album release, “David & Goliath”, Dee-1 was happy but far from complacent with his early successes. Dee-1 is hitting his loyal fan base with an array of highly anticipated new recordings, and better yet, he is making it available for free download.

While many new and old fans will be able to download the music free of charge (and share it virally), he will also be providing them with the option to “Donate” through a PayPal link on his website, allowing his most diehard fans to assign their own value to the project. This “Pay What You Will” model was made famous by Radio Head, however, it’s full potential has yet to be seen in the urban music market. According to Dee-1, the new material “makes a statement” about his position in the rap game; a position which is continually rising higher and higher, though he is still being denied the recognition he deserves.

While music critics and industry shot callers have clearly acknowledged Dee-1’s unique ability to blend lyrical content with mainstream appeal, they tend to underestimate his potential as a major driving force in the forthcoming renaissance of hip-hop music and culture. The demand for Dee-1’s brand of music is clearly there; any astute observer can see the growing indifference to typical terrestrial radio, the discontent with mediocre live performers and the hunger for new fresh sounds found throughout the underground blog sites and social networking sites.


Roger That!
Say Yeah!!
No Applause!
Exhibit D!
All I Do is Win!
Hip Hop Hooray!
100 Yard Dash!
Cherries & Strawberries!!!!
Always Strapped!!!
And the Beat Goes On!!
Hollywood Divorce!
What Should I Do!
I'm Good!
Nothing To Worry About!
And the Crowd Said Heyyy!
The Announcement (Final Exam!)

Download I Hope They Hear Me!