Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hannibal is Runner Up in Red Bull Big Tune Finals.

As some of you know, the Red Bull Big Tune 2009 finals took place in Atlanta last week. If you missed out on the New Orleans event back in October, catch up on it here, and here.

16 aspiring producers from 8 different cities competed for the title, including New Orleans' own, Hannibal, who was the runner up. Check out the video as finalists, Hannibal and last year's runner up, Frank Dukes (winner), battle it out for the championship:

In Spring 2010, Frank Dukes will get the opportunity to record with an emcee of his choice. Congratulations to Hannibal for making so far in the competition!


Mr. 12 said...

I was there that night & Hannibal was the there that played hot shit the whole night!!!! That place was dead & I was getting ready to dip then he played that crazy video game shit (i thought it was Castlevania!!!)

That video edit is retarded! The crowd was chantin BOTH their names in the finals but all you hear is them chearing for Frank. That edit aside, Hannibal & Dukes killed that shit all night.