Tuesday, April 14, 2009

another one of those nights...

when i cant sleep. and it's so retarded of me because i am SO tired! but, i think im going to miss something, so im up. crazy! well, while im here, guess i'll fill this out. peep:

from fb, a crazy game. using the first letter of my REAL NAME, i answered each of the following questions. they are all real. . .nothing made up!

1. What is your name: ashlee
2. A four Letter Word: afro
3. A boy's Name: andrew [<-- daddy!]
4. A girl's Name: abigail
5. An occupation: attorney
6. A color: auburn
7. Something you wear: aldo shoes
8. A food: apricot
9. Something found in the bathroom: ajax cleaner [i prefer comet =)]
10. A place: aladdin's castle [oooh, remember when that was in the plaza?? =)]
11. A reason for being late: asthma attack
12. Something you shout: a*hole!
13. A movie title: aladdin
14. Something you drink: apple juice
15. A musical group: another bad creation = abc, baybee!
16. An animal: alligator
17. A street name: agriculture
18. A type of car: audi
19. A song title: "away in a manger" --> my fave christmas song.
20. A verb: abandon. [it's transitive!]

omg, that as so retarded. im going to sleep. =/