Friday, April 24, 2009

jazz fest is heeeeeeeeeere!! woohoo!

okay, so call me crazy, but ive NEVER been to jazz fest -- EVER! i know, right?? how could i be SO nola bound and have yet to witness/experience one of the biggest events in MY city. bananas.. idk, i still dont have the urge to go and see what its about. i mean, like seriously, the reasons ive never gone was because it would always end up raining and ew...who wants to walk around in the mud, getting soaked and wet? gross. and when it didnt rain, it would be hot as donkey nuts. ew..perspire? who does that? i am NOT one to adapt to being uncomfortable. so, unless HE charms me into going, you wont be seeing me there! have fun!

oooh! but for those of you going, check out my extended fam, dwight and connie fitch with the st. raymond/st. leo the great choir [including my parents -- woohoo] from 1:35 pm - 12:55 pm...only in the gospel tent!

p.s. yayyy for my troy starting jazz fest off right! go booboo!

congo square 2009 poster of my troy courtesy of art4now/gilbert fletcher


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the love.