Tuesday, April 21, 2009

intorducing S.O.L.E. Fresh...

okay, so on saturday night, law, s.o.l.e. fresh, nick's gf and i went over to crescent city radio for a law's live interview with rome. since we were there, it only made sense to introduce the HOTTEST recent duo in nola -- S.O.L.E. Fresh. if you havent heard of them, you need to crawl from under that rock and get with it!! they're pretty cool if u ask me.

the funniest ish ever:

when they try to play their song, nick fury's mom calls in and totally throws everything off...but it was hilarious!
fave line: "nick fury's mom says 'get ur ass home!" lmao!


for more on S.O.L.E. Fresh: www.myspace.com/wearesolefresh