Wednesday, April 15, 2009

THE best app/entree ever!

omg. so, yesterday, me and jakki went to chili's for lunch. ive never been too much of a chili's fan, but once that triple dipper hit the menu, i HIT IT to the door! ironically, we picked the same entree and chose the same three! great minds think alike. idk who came up with this dish, but it is THE best dish ever!

okay, so if arent familiar with the td, here's how it works:

u can choose 3 of the following:
• Big Mouth® Bites
• Chicken Crisper™ Bites
• Buffalo Chicken Crisper™ Bites
Sweet Chile Glazed Wings***
Southwestern Eggrolls***
• Boneless Buffalo Wings
• Wings Over Buffalo®
• Chicken Crispers®
Hot Spinach & Artichoke Dip***
(courtesy of chili's menu)

all come with dipping sauces. yum!

*** = the ones i choose.

omg, im getting hungry just thinking about it! matter of fact, im about to go and get my taxes done [i know, straight CPT] on the westbank. i think ima have to make a move on over to chili's. owww!

if you've never had the triple dipper, you DONT know what you're missing. get with it!

chilis should pay me for this. [plug] =)