Thursday, December 10, 2009

Got Crack?

Okay, Ima have to take it back for a minute, only because I think a lot of you all missed out. If you havent heard the Space Musik Mixtape by Crack Tracks, you are most definitely missing out. Circa January '09, Crack put out this mixtape and it's been buzzing ever since. I dont really dabble into a lot of mixtapes, but when I heard this one, I was hooked like a fiend. The mixtape has 38 tracks and features artists like The Cool Kids, Gorilla Zoe, B.G., Curren$y, Crack himself, MAC, and a myriad of local artists; with drops by Three Six Mafia, Raj Smoove, DJ Spin, DJ Digital, DJ Chicken and more. Nothing personal, I just love good music and Im such a fan of this tape.

Here are some of my fave tracks:
2. Rocket - Crack
4. B-Boy Fresh - Paasky & Sanchez
6. Kicks Different Colors - The Cool Kids & Que Billah
10. The Man I Is - Caesar
11. Pennies - The Cool Kids
18. Hit It - B Boys
20. So Sick - Gorilla Zoe
29: Traffic Boutique Shoppin'
35. Conversations - MAC

Even though these are my faves, the whole mixtape is ridiculous!! Hear it for yourselves:

WARNING: This mixtape contains explicit language.