Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's Not Going Too Breezy For Chris.

On December 8th, Chris Brown's third album, Graffiti hit stores worldwide. While his fans were über excited about his comeback, haters weren't. Apparently cd outlets have held back Chris Breezy's cd from hitting shelves -- due to their personal opinion on the whole Chris + Rhianna situation. Here's what Chris had to say about that deal via twitter:

(If you dont know how Twitter works, read from the bottom up.)

(Click on the screenshot for a closer look.)

Im happy that he finally released what's been building up. Wait...releasing anger is what got him in the mess in the first place! Lol. Nah, but seriously, Im sure it's only so much a celebrity can take, even when they've effed up. But you wanna play with his money? Now, that's a messed situation. Messed up!

Here's another screenshot of Chris Brown retweeting what his fans tweeted him, explaining what they witnessed when trying to purchase his cd:

(Click on the screenshot for a closer look.)

Wow. Talk about standing up for what you believe in. But is this not illegal? Personally I think that's dumb. The situation is over. It was what it was. There are too many serious issues in this world to be worrying about certain things that dont even exist anymore. Not saying that the situation wasn't serious, but to keep dwelling on it as if you had something to do with it makes no sense and is a waste of your time! Get money, b. 'Cuz he's still making his with or without you.

Stores arent the only ones hating on Chris, celeb blogger Perez Hilton, had this to say about following him and Chris B. on Twitter:

"@MechanicalDummy If you follow ME and Chris Brown too, you should just unfollow me. K? Thanks. xoxo"