Tuesday, January 05, 2010

B. Scott's YouTube Account Suspended.

Weeks ago, B. Scott announced that YouTube suspended his account, via his twitter page. On December 30, the blogger tweeted that his YouTube account was suspended because of copyright Infringement for music used in some of his first videos. An appeal has been filed. He went on tweeting that there was no shade and he had been working on adding videos to his website anyway. Now, he's hosting his own videos. If you have been a fan of B. Scott since the beginning, you can view both classic and recent videos here.

I wanted to post three of my most fave B. Scott videos, but all of them are on autoplay. So, click on the links to view.

Come on Then Get These Good Done Debbies!

Scarlett Takes A Tumble Video Reaction.

B. Scott Almost Takes A Tumble.