Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Danger Blasts Ray J on Being Gay, Then Takes It Back.

Okay, so I really didn't wanna dabble into this story because it's so much surrounding this nonsense, and Im so over her. But hey, my blog, your entertainment. Thanks for reading! : )

Okay, so here's the deal:

Monica Leon aka Danger, from the first season of For The Love of Ray J, went on an L.A. radio show and tried to blast Ray J, saying that he's gay. Boo hoo. She claims that he and his lover, Young Buck, have been lovin' for years. And no, not the former G-Unit rapper, but one of Ray J's closest friends who goes by the same name.

Listen to the clip:

WARNING: the language is über explicit.

Her accusations caused such an uproar. Singer and Ray J's sister, Brandy, outed her frustration via twitter:

When rapper Young Buck heard about the rumors, he also went off via twitter:

Once the news got to Ray, he definitely responded. Listen

Now, if Im not mistaken, didn't Ray J attend her baby shower a couple months ago? And didn't she make a guest appearance on this season of For The Love of Ray J, claiming that they were "really close?"

Hmmm. Coming from a psycho, who was just admitted to a Psychiatric Hospital, and had her newborn baby taken away from her? Girl, bye! We don't believe you, you need more people!

UPDATE: Ma'am called into a Richmond radio station and tried to clear her name by admitting to lying about the situation. She says she lied because she was mad at Ray J. Hear it here.

Pssh. My take is, if Ray J blew her completely off, he better run. She gives me fatal attraction. And I'm not buying the psychiatric help and baby situation. She's an über attention trollop, and I'm glad her extra 15 minutes are over.

Danger + Ray J at Danger's baby shower

[screen shots via necole bitchie and yazmar]