Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beyoncé Opens Cosmetology School in Brooklyn.

Beyoncé and her mom, Tina Knowles, sat down with Good Morning America's JuJu Chang to talk about Bey's new cosmetology school she opened in New York.

The Beyonce Cosmetology Center offers training courses to women and men transitioning out of the Brooklyn rehab, Phoenix House.

In the interview, Bey answers questions about marriage and the possibility of having children.

When JuJu comments on her ring, she nearly freaks out after realizing she's wearing it, and says, "Oh, man! You know what? I usually take this off for interviews....Uh oh!"

Then, JuJu asked if there will be kids anytime soon, and Bey replies, "I don't know. I have time. I have so many things that I love to do, and so many things that I've done. So I feel like when it's supposed to happen, it will." But Mama Tina interrupts and says, "I'm praying for it now!"

Check out the interview:

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