Thursday, March 04, 2010

Sneak Peek | What Chili Wants.

Chili with Tionna and boxer Floyd Mayweather

Rozonda "Chili" Thomas, former member of TLC, has a new reality TV show coming out.

What Chili Wants follows Chili as she tries to find the right guy for her.

Her friends Tionna Smalls, Missy Elliott, and T-Boz help Chili in her quest to find the man of her dreams. Boxer Floyd Mayweather is one of her prospects.


Chili's too old to be so doggone picky! She better take what she can get. Not saying that she has to settle, but girl, you are SO 35+, Ima need you to get it together.

Seeing her in that trailer shows me what most likely messed up her relationship with Usher. She does too much. And, in this show, she gives me that she's gonna get on my last nerve.

"I'm more ready than Ive ever been." Girl. At 39 years old, you think?!

Side-notes: Though her clock done ticked and tocked, she does have a point. It is better to be alone than in a relationship that still makes you feel alone. Life is too short to deal with bs and be unhappy.

Absolutely no shade to people over 35. I'm just sayin, Chili just rubbed me the wrong way. But hey, that is just the trailer, we'll see how she really is throughout the show. I guess.

What Chili Wants airs in April on VH1.


Anonymous said...

uhmmmmmmmmmmmmm excuse me!!! although i'm wayyyyy under 35, i don't agree ma'am. you have to stand for something or ....... you know the rest.

that's right Chili, be very picky!!!