Thursday, March 04, 2010

Wayne Gets 5 More Days + Performs at BP3 Tour.

According to sources, the Manhattan courthouse had a little more fire damage than we thought. So, Wayne's day has been pushed back to Monday.

Since he didn't go in, he celebrated his freedom by making a surprise appearance at Jay-Z's BP3 Tour, Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden.

Jigga brought Nicki Minaj on stage to perform her verse from "Bedrock," Weezy performed "I'm Goin In," and Drake performed his verse.

Check out some photos of the night:

How crazy is that? You think your freedom is about to be snatched away from you as you go "in," but you make a detour and perform at Madison Square Garden with one of the hottest rappers. Talk about "the life." -sighs-

[SOURCE x Images]