Saturday, March 07, 2009

the coolest street wear sundays, yet.

so, sws was hot. g-eazy and nesby phips performed. it was real cool. the crowd was nice, the djs were banging. force feed radio [djs jive + kemistry] went hard! i invited one of my interns/boo boos, trey, to the spot. he had fun, until dudes started challenging their 1980s dance moves on stage. lol. then it was time to hit it. but it was all good. check out the pics:

my boo boo, trey w that damn martini!

the crowd.


dj spin.

big money matt and the Cincinnati monster, kelvin.

ooh! and i got a video! oww!

g-eazy | street wear sundays | 3.1.09 - ashlee nicole.