Thursday, March 12, 2009

like no other...

i miss him SO much. and every time i hear this damn song, i can picture him singing [in tune] the estelle and john duet part:

♫i wanna give you some love and affection,
you've got my attention♫
see i’m ready for love,
ready for us to lose control
you know and I know♫

okay, so this wasnt supposed to be a full out post but it just hit me: he's really gone and wont be coming back. like, he just left at the drop of a dime, without saying "bye." what type of sh*t is that? dude was like the only person ive met who truly understood me and never judged me. damn. i appreciated that. never have i ever met such an open minded person who, no matter what, tried to get me. he didnt even have to try, it just happened. our souls clicked. like, my frickin bff jill. i miss him so.

more to come...