Saturday, March 07, 2009

1st fridays etiquette.

1st fridays always makes me itchy, so ima send out a little message:

for all of you who work well on CPT, understand that i dont. please pay attention as you read the following DON'Ts of 1st fridays:


every 1st fridays, i have tickets to sell -- weeks in advance! if you wanna go to the event, DO NOT wait until the day of ff talking about you want a ticket, then ready to pull your hair out because i dont have one for you. nigga, you KNOW that we do ff every month! why you acting like it just started? put in your damn request NOW, but only if you're really about PAYING for your ticket. whoo! which brings me to my next point:


some of y'all asses are spoiled and are about to get a wake up call. "can you put me on the list?" do you have comp tickets??" nooo, b*tch! lol. okay, wait...that was a little harsh. but im saying tho: you KNOW yo ass dont call me any other time, and im just to supposed to fall back and let you use me for a $20 VIP ticket? i mean, if you're one of my boo boos, ima def look out for you, but if you beaucoup random with it, dont be surprised if your fb msg, text msg, email, im or phone call goes unanswered. but, real sh*t, the only reason i cant give y'all a space on the list is because THERE AINT ONE. i cant give y'all comps cuz THERE AINT NONE. lol. dude, we got beaucoup stingy with them thangs. lawd! not my choice, but hey, we gotta eat too...sheesh!


NO, i cannot not walk you in.
NO, you cant pass the line.
NO, we aint breaking barracades to let you and your crew in.

you KNOW ff gonna be packed. it is okay for you to come early, luv. we not gonna think you're lame for being posted up by the bar @ 10 o'clock. that's actually the smart thing to do cuz if not, you gonna be outside in that helluva crowd, lookin beacoup confused and drove. just an FYI.

if you're on fb, and have 1,000+ friends, we need your help w fb promos. message NewOrleansBlack on fb for more info.

that's all i have to say about this now. dont mean to be rude with it, and excuse the lang. but i had to get that off my chest. omg, i was so drove yesterday!! o, my b to all my luvs whose calls, texts, messages, ims, emails and fb msgs went ignored. it never fails, EVERY ff day, i get so many hit ups that my phone goes dead.

guys! celebrate your bday at ff!! contact me for more info. i promise i'll answer.

smooches! buh bye! ♥


Isabel said...

ashlee nicole! stop stressing! don't be mad at the people!
and i say when i get to ff next time... just turn ur phone off =] and have a great time!

Mr. said...

WELL SAID...and I hope my people/stalkers take that advice also. ugh! I turn my phone off every first fridays.