Saturday, March 07, 2009

the day after 1st fridays......

and im pissed. dude, for those of you who participated in the event last night, you were hipped to the theme, right? if not, ima break it down:

"1st fridays: ladies night | show your true colors"
the theme was for ladies to wear the color of their availability.

red = stop: married or in a relationship
yellow = caution: seeing someone but it's not official
green = go: single and ready to mingle

clearly, i wasnt bout that green cuz i definitely wasnt bout mingling with none of those clowns; so greens out. i was going for yellow, but they didnt have the color in the shirt i wanted. which left me to wear the last color standing, red. now, i wasnt tripping because, you know, im in a lil something right quick. not too serious, but serious enough for me to not eff with anyone else. on lock! lol. anyway, i wasnt tripping about the red because i had to participate anyway. duh, it's my job. and i wasnt bout ppl trying to holla, so it worked well for me to cancel dudes out.

what i really forgot was that i do live in new orleans right quick, and these dudes are somewhat ignorant. soooo, those colors werent bout to stop anybody from coming at me. rude!

the point is: i cant help it if dudes try to talk to me or be about me. but what i can do is shut that sh*t down. what's worst is a dude who knows who you're dealing with and still try to holla. where they do that at? oh, wait...they do that here. trippin. i never disrespect the code, and dont feel the need to start. im good! so, whyyyy should i be handled for being approached? i must admit, im a tad friendly, and my friendliness can be taken as flirtyness, but i aint bout it. as long as i handle my side of the situation and shut sh*t down, im good. handle your people tho...disrespectful!

red means STOP, mothereffer!