Sunday, March 15, 2009


so, it's one of those days... im really not into it like i should be. y'all think it's a game when i say i get so ADD when it comes to guys. i need someone to keep my attention and attend to me and what i want. dont trip, i give it in return -- if you're worthy. it seems like the ones that wanna cater to and run behind me are the ones who are SO bout me, but im not bout them. thats so crazy!! and the ones im bout and try to keep focus on effs up and acts an ass. why is it always like that? im TOO picky, but the ones that i should pick are always lame. i need a dude with swag, confidence, style...a boss. somebody that can handle me and my attitude. okay, im not about to get all deep into what i want because i got it, but dude just be on some other sh*t sometimes...we'll get better. but if not, deuces!