Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Da Real Amber Rose.

love, love, love this pic.

So, we all know that Twitter has taken over the social networking world. Okay, so last night, some dummy started a trending topic of #RIPKanye. It was actually #1. Twitter world went berserk on the topic; some made jokes of how it was Taylor Swift who killed him, others taking a more serious approach, asking what happened and junk like that. Once the news hit his gf, Amber Rose, ish hit the fan. Amber wasnt too fond of the joke and took it upon herself to to set a new trending topic: #LongLivesYeezy, which made it to #1. She spent half the night quoting Ye's lyrics.

Check out her tweets:

Thats what Im talking about, Amb!! Ride for yo boo!!

Sometimes twitter can be über dumb. Last night stamped that.


Pusha B said...

\o/ i can respect that. she ain't running.

DaVida Chanel said...

I am finding more things I dig about this woman all the time. I like that Amber Rose. She's a friend in my head.