Thursday, October 22, 2009

Who Dat?!

If you weren't a Saints fan before, most likely, you're definitely one now. Every Sunday, every game, now more than ever, people are all about the Saints. And what's a more perfect time to have a song dedicated to the unbeatable team?

Caesar teamed up with Bizzle and Deja Vu to make one of the best Saints anthem songs I've ever heard. Produced by Prov on da track, "My Town" is taking over the city! Even if you aren't into the Saints, you will be by the time you finish hearing this song.

Listen up:

This song was made to help raise money for kids in NOLA, and to get them off of the streets. If you like the song, please send any donations to Louisiana Community Developers (LCD). Call 504.289.5955 for any information.. LCD is non-profit org designed to help get our youth off the streets and into anything positive.

Text gosaints504 to 69937 for the ringtone!!