Wednesday, October 21, 2009

TLC Goes Gangsta.

Okay, so I know everyone, like me, is over The Mo'Nique Show and her screams of "ohhhh!" and "yessssss baybay!" But sometimes I try to deal with her outbursts because her interviews are [sometimes] good. Thank goodness I stayed tuned last night for T-Boz's interview! Omg, did you see it?! LMBO! If you didnt, you probably saw my status on how flabbergasted I was. T-Boz spilled ALL the tea on their TLC days. Apparently, Arista owed them money. To make a long story short, TLC went to Arista, interrupted a meeting, threw Puffy OUT of the meeting and held everyone hostage -- with guns and such!

Check out the interview and get the rundown circa 2:46 :

I know, right? You probably have "that look" that I had last night. Lol. And Diddy..I dont even have words for his punk behind!! Im sure he got his check tho! Hater.

I dont know about yall, but i lived for Left Eye! Ma'am was a lil touched, but she didnt care!! Eff the fame, she was real. She was my fave.