Thursday, October 22, 2009

Floopy Head Available On iTunes.

Sick. The first word that comes to mind when describing the sound of New Orleans' own, Floopy Head.

Ive had the pleasure of seeing Floopy Head live, and the privilege to intimately witness the sounds of Floopy Head's vocalist, Chris Gizzle. Dude's skills are ridiculous. Im sure some of you have seen my videos posted of him spitting intellectually deep freestyles. nice, right? If you havent, wake the eff up and go see 'em here, around 1:26, and here. And check out this video of them performing at a Supreme Street event:


Definitely not your average New Orleand band, well not like the ones Ive heard. Im extremely anticipating more.

Floopy Head's latest single is now available on iTunes. Download "Somewhere In The Sky." And once you do, write a review on how dope that song is.

RANDOM: Wait...I was just browsing videos on youtube and came across this:

In Rouse's. Are u effing kidding me? sick. I live for ish like this.