Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mickey Factz Meet & Greet @ Traffic Boutique.

Before the concert at Metro, Mickey Factz came thru to Traffic Boutique and kicked it with everyone. He signed autographs, t-shirts, took pictures, and kicked a crazy freestyle [video coming soon.] It was ridiculously packed in there!! Ive never seen Traffic that packed; people were literally flooding out of the door! It was bananas, but It was uber fun. Like always, when Mickey comes to town, we have a good time.


Jack Spratt and Chris of Floopy Head

Team Finale

DJ Swiss Chriss

Caesar, Mickey, and Crack Tracks

P&S Model: Lola B

Can you believe that RIGHT when we stepped out the car my camera dove in water?! Nasty, dirty, Chartres St. water. Ugh! But it still worked. Ha!

Mickey and Tha Cartel


Anonymous said...

Hoot Hoot.
I'm On Your Blog. said...

yo i was there!!! that was mad fun...come chek out my blog