Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Spill on Project: DJ Takeover/Aquaforce and Ladies Night @ The Frat House.

Over the weekend, Aquaforce performed at The Frat House along with DJ Swiss Chriss and Lemonhead. They tore it down. Their energy and stage presence are ridiculous! If you missed, videos are coming soon.

Omg, have you guys ever been to The Frat House on Saturdays? Omg. 1st off, it was ladies night, which means ladies drink free until a certain time right? Ha! When I walked through the door, the bouncer gave me a red cup and 10 tickets. I was like, "um....what's this for?" Sir said, "you get drinks with that," Im like, "daaaaaaaaaaang!" They gave us 10 tickets. 10!! I slightly thought we were getting the special treatment, since we got in for free or whatnot, but that's just how it goes. Wow. 10 tickets? And it's not like they served weak drinks; the bartender literally had my cup overflowing. Craziness. I couldn't even drink it. I still have 9 tickets in my purse! But to all my alchies out there, it's the best place to go if you're trying to get "right" on a budget. But only ladies tho, and they give you this big ghetto red cup to walk around with [until you're ready to drink, AND they refill it when you're done] so they'll know if you try to pull a fast one. *whispers* not really tho. :o]

Here a few pics to give a sample of the night:

Fatima and Aisha. Peep the red cups.

Aquaforce getting ready to do their thing.

Fatima, "the pool shark."

Videos coming soon.