Thursday, December 31, 2009

Resolutions, Shmesolutions.

Im not really into saying what’s going to be done/changed in the New Year. everyone’s going crazy with these ‘to-do’ lists, and frankly, im over it. it’s just another day. what I will do differently is not talk about it, but be about. Ive learned so much about myself this year, and I am so thankful for that. the “revamped” me will be carried on into 2010 with the biggest lessons Ive learned:

- fear is NOT an option. if you want to do something or make a difference, you have to believe in you and take the initiative to do what you need to do in order to be successful. be faithful!

- live everyday as if it were your last. life is too short. everyone says this but doesn’t really take heed until it hits close to home. we’ve lost too many people this year, near and far.

- never let another person bring you down. if you believe in yourself and your dreams, that’s all that matters. if they don’t, kick rocks! surround yourself with positive people and people who are actually making moves. motivation is key.

- LOYALTY, HONESTY, TRUST. if you don’t possess any of these characteristics, GTF. my circle has gotten smaller by the months, and it will continue to decrease if you’re not solid and if I cant count on you.

Ive met a lot of dope people this year. Im thankful for that. my [ANS] blog has opened relationships that were never formed before. Im thankful that. 2010 can only get bigger and better, but that’s up to me. and it is. it’s up to me and only me to stay focused, take my [would be] regrets as lessons learned and keep pushing to where I want and need to be. hope you all do the same. good luck on YOUR year.

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