Friday, January 08, 2010

New Video | Jonté - "B*tch You Betta!"

Check out Jonte and all of his fabulousness in his "B*itch You Betta" video:

'scuse the language.

Finally, there's a video!! I love, love, love Jonté! What you don't realize is, this is my song!! I've been on Jonté for years and I cannot wait til he officially breaks out.

If you're on your ish, you'd realize that he is one of Bey's dancers from the "Freakum Dress" video, he snapped for the kids in the "Get me Bodied" video, and has choreographed a few of Bey's other videos. His songs are my ish!! Sir will put you girls to shame is his stilettos. Get into his videos.

Here's Bey on Jonté:

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