Tuesday, March 09, 2010

New Album | John L. - I Am Poetry.

Rodney's Intro
I Am Poetry
Beavis & Butthead Skit
This Poem Is Dedicated To You
Phone Call Interuption By Tig
I wanna have sex with you
Tig's Interuption
Love Rollercoaster
Guilty Conscious
Don't Be A Menace Skit
The Most High
Feel My Pain A Homeless Story
Rodney Interlude
To my future wife
Tig Interupts again
I Gotta Be Like That
All On Me
The Tease
I Just wanna ft. Dappa
Tig's Interlude
Decleration of Inde PEN Dance

Download Here.

I Am Poetry is the first Spoken Word album by Poet John Lacarbiere III. It features several poems dealing with love, anger, sex, relationships, and religion -- basically real life situations, ran over smooth jazz, hip hop, acoustic, and metal tracks. All poetry, all original.
Why I like it: John L. is a local poet, spoken word artist, and author. I Am Poetry is his debut Spoken Word album. John L’s infamous books of poetry, "I Write To…," "Sex with My Notebook," and "Foreplay" sent imaginations running wild. Despite the names, the books aren’t erotic, but a metaphor of his love for poetry. There was much anticipation to see what this one will do. I'm satisfied. : ]

Why you should like it: If you've heard John L's poetry, you'll love this album. If you’re into word play that will stimulate your mind, you’ll love this album. All original tracks, featuring familiar poems and poems you've never heard before. And it's FREE. Trust me, you'll love this album! Enjoy!

Yo, I can sit here and ramble on about how dope this album is, but you won't feel me unless you hear it for yourself. So, do yourself a favor and download it ASAP.

On a personal note: Great job, Jizzlee!! I was dying @ Ralph and Lionel. LOL. I'm so proud of y'all. I love my boys! 9 years strong.

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