Sunday, March 22, 2009

crack tracks | traffic boutique exclusive interview

case closed interviewed law aka crack tracks at traffic boutique. peep:

i LUV my sissies. lol.

lmao. i canNOT get enough of this video!! and ms. chelsea tears it down! she better sing! lol. youtube this video at least 3 times a day.

and remember: he has more songs than 1. lmaoooooooo.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

RIP Natasha Richardson | 5.11.1963 - 3.18.2009

famed actress, Natasha Richardson, passed away today, 2 days after her skiing accident. On March 16th, the british actress and her family, including actor Liam Neeson, were in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada when the accident took place. After suffering a traumatic brain injury, she passed away at the age of 45.

omg. when i heard about her injury days ago, i knew it would turn for the worst. i love her as an actress, especially in the parent trap. oh, elizabeth..may God watch over her family and may her soul rest in peace. life is TOO short. love. live. life!!

1st Fridays Idol Line-Up

Happy Hour : 8p – 10p | Metro 1
• DJ Afrodisiak, hosted by Big Herc
• Food Provided by Quizno’s and Tiger’s
• Live Entertainment
• Retail Sponsors
• Featuring the drink of the night: The Ciroc Obama

Lifestyle Lounge: 8p – 12a | Metro 1
The lifestyle lounge features the city’s finest barbers, hair stylists, makeup artists, massage therapists and more. Stop by the lounge and indulge yourself in one of our exclusive services.

1st Fridays Idol: 10p – 12a | Metro 3
1st Fridays Idol features the city’s best R&B singers, competing for the title to reign as the “1st Fridays Idol.”
• Guest DJ, hosted by Hollywood
• Sponsored By: Ciroc Vodka

After Party: 12a – 4a
• Metro 1: DJ Afrodisiak ; Hosted by Big Herc
• Metro 2: DJ Raj Smoove; Hosted by Hollywood
• Metro 3: Guest DJ

Hungry? Stop and grab a quick bite at one of our food vendors, Quizno’s Subs and Tiger’s Creole Cuisine

Sponsored by: John Georges Enterprises, Ciroc, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Quizno’s Subs (#9880), M&M Demolition & Construction, Parisian Inn, People’s Community, Channel Zero, Youthanasia

Celebrate your birthday, anniversary, bachelorette party or and special day with us!
VIP sections and services are available.
Dress code STRICTLY enforced!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


so, it's one of those days... im really not into it like i should be. y'all think it's a game when i say i get so ADD when it comes to guys. i need someone to keep my attention and attend to me and what i want. dont trip, i give it in return -- if you're worthy. it seems like the ones that wanna cater to and run behind me are the ones who are SO bout me, but im not bout them. thats so crazy!! and the ones im bout and try to keep focus on effs up and acts an ass. why is it always like that? im TOO picky, but the ones that i should pick are always lame. i need a dude with swag, confidence, style...a boss. somebody that can handle me and my attitude. okay, im not about to get all deep into what i want because i got it, but dude just be on some other sh*t sometimes...we'll get better. but if not, deuces!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

like no other...

i miss him SO much. and every time i hear this damn song, i can picture him singing [in tune] the estelle and john duet part:

♫i wanna give you some love and affection,
you've got my attention♫
see i’m ready for love,
ready for us to lose control
you know and I know♫

okay, so this wasnt supposed to be a full out post but it just hit me: he's really gone and wont be coming back. like, he just left at the drop of a dime, without saying "bye." what type of sh*t is that? dude was like the only person ive met who truly understood me and never judged me. damn. i appreciated that. never have i ever met such an open minded person who, no matter what, tried to get me. he didnt even have to try, it just happened. our souls clicked. like, my frickin bff jill. i miss him so.

more to come...

speak to me!!

yep....that's what the following videos do to my soul! get into it. and listen to these words!! i frickin cant get ENOUGH of these songs!

omg. THIS song gives me everything! these words are so true. when you put yourself in specific situations, gotta be prepared for whatever the outcome may be. i can say im ready all day, but real sh*t -- i aint. lawd!

♫i've made up my mind,
don't need to think it over,
if I'm wrong I am right,
don't need to look no further,
this ain't lust,
i know this is love but,

if I tell the world,
i'll never say enough,
cause it was not said to you,
and that's exactly what I need to do,
if i'm in love with you,

should I give up,
or should i just keep chasing pavements?
even if it leads nowhere,
or would it be a waste?
even if i knew my place should I leave it there?
should i give up,
or should i just keep chasing pavements?
even if it leads nowhere♫

♫my finger tips are holding onto the cracks in our foundation,
and i know that i should let go,
but I can't.
and every time we fight i know it's not right,
every time that you're upset and i smile.
i know i should forget, but i can't♫

♫this is my face
i've got a thousand opinions
and half the time i'm trying to explain

and this is my body
and no matter how you try and disable it
yes i'll still be here

and, this, is my mind
and although you try to infringe
you cannot confine

and, this, is my brain
and even if you try and hold me back
there's nothing that you can gain

'cause i use mouthwash
sometimes i floss
i've got a family
and i drink cups of tea♫

omggggggggggggggg. i frickin love this song. i dedicate this to my cjae and cow. muah!

♫i never loved nobody fully
always one foot on the ground
and by protecting my heart truly
i got lost in the sounds
i hear in my mind all of these voices
i hear in my mind all these words
i hear in my mind all this music

and it breaks my heart...♫

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

get to know me and my firsts....

these are my firsts....

1. Who was your FIRST prom date?
kendrick solomon [st. aug]

2. Do you still talk to your FIRST love?
i do.

3. What was your 1st alcoholic drink?
lmao. no contest. Budweiser @ the age of 8. uncle david and i used to sit on the porch of the old house on hamburg st. [that st. bernard is on the map and they dont play!!] and drink beer. i aint been right ever since.

4. What was your FIRST job?
hostess @ house of blues.

5. What was your FIRST car?
scion tc. rest in peace, storm/scarlett/sasha. =[

6. Who was the FIRST person to text you today?

7. Who is the FIRST person you thought of this morning?

8. Who was your FIRST grade teacher?
mr. grossley.

9. Where did you go on your FIRST ride on an airplane?
san diego, cali.

10. Who was your FIRST best friend & do you still talk?
ebony simms. omg, no..and i miss her. if you've spoken to her, tell her to hit me up!

11. Where was your FIRST sleep over?
@ ebony's house.

12. Who was the FIRST person you talked to today?

13. Whose wedding were you in the FIRST time?
um...i was an usher in....i forgot who it was. wait! i think it was my aunt's friend, um..i forgot her name. oops.

14. What was the FIRST thing you did this morning?
turn that damn alarm OFF.

15. What was the FIRST concert you ever went to?

16. FIRST tattoo?
butterfly on my back. random!

17. First piercing?
aside from ears, navel.

18. First foreign country you've been to? you KNOW i aint been nowhere...nowhere that far -- yet.

19. FIRST movie you remember seeing?
the color p-----. you KNOW i cant recite the name of that movie. and THATS when i realized i was terrified of ms. c--ly and s---hia. omg.

20. When was your FIRST detention? mrs. sh*t...i forgot her name, but it was at sma and her daughter went to chapelle.

21. What was the first state you lived in?

22. Who was your FIRST roommate?
nicole mcgee.

23. If you had one wish. What would it be?
gimme my PRE-katrina ANYday!

24. What is something you would learn if you had the chance?
how to rule the world.

um...this was boring. and it's hot in here. i'll do another one soon, but i gotta get ready to see dappa, cypher and black sheep at the howlin wolf in about an hour. til then, smooch ♥

Saturday, March 07, 2009

the day after 1st fridays......

and im pissed. dude, for those of you who participated in the event last night, you were hipped to the theme, right? if not, ima break it down:

"1st fridays: ladies night | show your true colors"
the theme was for ladies to wear the color of their availability.

red = stop: married or in a relationship
yellow = caution: seeing someone but it's not official
green = go: single and ready to mingle

clearly, i wasnt bout that green cuz i definitely wasnt bout mingling with none of those clowns; so greens out. i was going for yellow, but they didnt have the color in the shirt i wanted. which left me to wear the last color standing, red. now, i wasnt tripping because, you know, im in a lil something right quick. not too serious, but serious enough for me to not eff with anyone else. on lock! lol. anyway, i wasnt tripping about the red because i had to participate anyway. duh, it's my job. and i wasnt bout ppl trying to holla, so it worked well for me to cancel dudes out.

what i really forgot was that i do live in new orleans right quick, and these dudes are somewhat ignorant. soooo, those colors werent bout to stop anybody from coming at me. rude!

the point is: i cant help it if dudes try to talk to me or be about me. but what i can do is shut that sh*t down. what's worst is a dude who knows who you're dealing with and still try to holla. where they do that at? oh, wait...they do that here. trippin. i never disrespect the code, and dont feel the need to start. im good! so, whyyyy should i be handled for being approached? i must admit, im a tad friendly, and my friendliness can be taken as flirtyness, but i aint bout it. as long as i handle my side of the situation and shut sh*t down, im good. handle your people tho...disrespectful!

red means STOP, mothereffer!

1st fridays etiquette.

1st fridays always makes me itchy, so ima send out a little message:

for all of you who work well on CPT, understand that i dont. please pay attention as you read the following DON'Ts of 1st fridays:


every 1st fridays, i have tickets to sell -- weeks in advance! if you wanna go to the event, DO NOT wait until the day of ff talking about you want a ticket, then ready to pull your hair out because i dont have one for you. nigga, you KNOW that we do ff every month! why you acting like it just started? put in your damn request NOW, but only if you're really about PAYING for your ticket. whoo! which brings me to my next point:


some of y'all asses are spoiled and are about to get a wake up call. "can you put me on the list?" do you have comp tickets??" nooo, b*tch! lol. okay, wait...that was a little harsh. but im saying tho: you KNOW yo ass dont call me any other time, and im just to supposed to fall back and let you use me for a $20 VIP ticket? i mean, if you're one of my boo boos, ima def look out for you, but if you beaucoup random with it, dont be surprised if your fb msg, text msg, email, im or phone call goes unanswered. but, real sh*t, the only reason i cant give y'all a space on the list is because THERE AINT ONE. i cant give y'all comps cuz THERE AINT NONE. lol. dude, we got beaucoup stingy with them thangs. lawd! not my choice, but hey, we gotta eat too...sheesh!


NO, i cannot not walk you in.
NO, you cant pass the line.
NO, we aint breaking barracades to let you and your crew in.

you KNOW ff gonna be packed. it is okay for you to come early, luv. we not gonna think you're lame for being posted up by the bar @ 10 o'clock. that's actually the smart thing to do cuz if not, you gonna be outside in that helluva crowd, lookin beacoup confused and drove. just an FYI.

if you're on fb, and have 1,000+ friends, we need your help w fb promos. message NewOrleansBlack on fb for more info.

that's all i have to say about this now. dont mean to be rude with it, and excuse the lang. but i had to get that off my chest. omg, i was so drove yesterday!! o, my b to all my luvs whose calls, texts, messages, ims, emails and fb msgs went ignored. it never fails, EVERY ff day, i get so many hit ups that my phone goes dead.

guys! celebrate your bday at ff!! contact me for more info. i promise i'll answer.

smooches! buh bye! ♥

the coolest street wear sundays, yet.

so, sws was hot. g-eazy and nesby phips performed. it was real cool. the crowd was nice, the djs were banging. force feed radio [djs jive + kemistry] went hard! i invited one of my interns/boo boos, trey, to the spot. he had fun, until dudes started challenging their 1980s dance moves on stage. lol. then it was time to hit it. but it was all good. check out the pics:

my boo boo, trey w that damn martini!

the crowd.


dj spin.

big money matt and the Cincinnati monster, kelvin.

ooh! and i got a video! oww!

g-eazy | street wear sundays | 3.1.09 - ashlee nicole.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

1st fridays: ladies night | show your true colors

love of my life....

okay, not really. maybe my music life, but i love the way he's so outside of the box right now! i effin love it! ive always been a fa of rock music, and what's better than to have one of the best rappers alive to cross over. im SO bout wayne right now and CANNOT wait til "Rebirth" comes out! April 7, betches. mark your calendars!

lil wayne - "prom queen"

dude appeared on jimmy kimmel. p'd i missed it. but i effin love it!

Monday, March 02, 2009

jesus take the wheel!!

t-baby took it to the radioooo with a live version of your fave song, it's so cold in the d." i dont think this is gonna get em peace tho.

lmaoooooo @ the sing a long tho!! are you for real tho??

♫niggas trying to throw testses giving you stress♫

emphasis on "testSES." lawd!

p.s. this vid is dated, but i just had to do it to you!