Friday, February 19, 2010

Gary Coleman: Whatchu Talkin Bout, Lisa?

Last week, former childhood star Gary Coleman appeared on The Insider.

Check him out as he goes ape sh-t on guest panelist, Attorney Lisa Pullman, as she asks him about the his alleged violent relationship with his wife:

Oh em gee.

First off, he scares me. And not in the "omg, I'm scared he might choke me up right quick" kinda way, cuz I'll pop and throw his lil behind. But in the "omg, WHY does he look like that?!" sort of way. He doesn't look too right, but I won't get into him.

I mean, it's plain to see that she was clearly provoking him, but I'm saying tho, G, you had to get like that tho?

If it weren't true, he wouldn't have gotten that heated. Sir went OFF. Lol. He has issues, and I'ma need for that psychologist to diagnose him real quick.

I can't wait to see part two. Video coming soon!

Gary Coleman and his wife Shannon.