Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lil Duval Goes IN on Natalie and Her Chin.

So, if you're following either Lil Duval or Natalie from The Bad Girls Club, or even both, you know that they aren't the best of friends.

One night, Lil Duval took a glance at the hit reality show and knew from jump that he was not a fan. He went in. He started trending topics about Natalie and her chin, and down right called her out for being the "basic b-tch queen." LOL! Natalie got wind of his remarks and tried to give him the business. #fail.

Well, coincidentally, the two were both catching the same flight to L.A. yesterday. When Lil Duval realized he would be on the same flight as Natalie, he pulled some strings, moved seats around and conducted this "interview."

PURE HILARITY. You gotta watch!

Warning: This video contains über explicit language

ROTFLMBO!! Oh em gee! I died! This is the funniest video ever!

It is clear that Lil Duval can't stand her, and she just eats it up as, "you know you want me." Girl, bye! Lol. The part when he went at her chin (2:56 mark), and she was like "it's kinda cute," that face he gave her killed me!

It's so funny how he's letting her choke herself with her dumbness, especially at the end. She's so clueless. TEAM DUVAL! Lol.

Follow Lil Duval and Natalie. And if you care to know how Natalie really feels about the "beef," read about it here.