Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Mixtape | Chris Brown x DJ Drama x DJ Sense.

Chris Brown - In My Zone (Rhythm & Streets)


01. Turnt Up
02. Too Freaky
03. Convertible
04. Dont Lie
05. Bad ft. Soulja Boy
06. Invented Head
07. Shoes ft. LA The Darkman
08. Big Booty Judy
09. Madusa
10. Back Out
11. Work Wit It
12. Say Ahh ft. T.Breezy
13. I Get Around
14. No Bullshit
15. Twitter
16. How Low Can You Go
17. T.Y.A.
18. I Wanna Rock
19. Perfume ft. Feat. Rich Girl
20. Sex
21. Glow In The Dark (Bonus)


Please don't sleep on Chris Breezy!!

I've had the pleasure of hearing a preview of the mixtape via Breezy's live Ustream last month, and I must say this joint is THE business! Like seriously, Graffiti has NOTHING on this mixtape. Lawd!

But I must warn you, this is a side of Chris you've never seen. Even though some of his words are edited, this is Chris unedited and über raw. That boy is a fool!

He even gives the ladies a shout out for V-Day. Cute.

I would highlight my favorite tracks, but I don't want y'all to judge me. Lol! -side eye-