Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Spill | Where Is Smokee Robinson?

Local/National rap artist Curren$y gave a helluva performance Tuesday night at the Howlin' Wolf.

Opening acts included Illy, Big Dyce, Shawn Awesome, Ka$hflow, Bzy Beee, AA, Monsta Beatz, Aqua Force, and Nesby Phips. They all killed it! The local hip hop scene is taking over.

The venue was packed. Fans eagerly and patiently waited for Curren$y to hit the stage. And you know it wouldn't have been official if the Howlin' Wolf wasn't clowdy. That crowd took smoking to a whole other level; as if smoking is an art. But, if you don't know anything about Curren$y, you know that he's passionate about his doobies.

Once Curren$y hit the stage, he blew it UP. With a few special guests, he tore the Howlin' Wolf down.

Videos coming soon, but for now, peep the photos.

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